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How to protect myself from camjacking?

Hello, I recently stumbled upon a new camjacking technique, it uses your own browser and a web camera to spy on you. I'd like to protect myself from that, but I don't want to turn my camera off, because I need it quite often, is there any way to achieve that?

Hello, Vincent!

Unfortunately, this technique is trendy, so the experts at the Jammer Store checked this issue. First, the exploit exploits security holes, so you don't see any reports of eavesdropping or security breaches. If someone tries to use your webcam, the alerts are blocked, so you have no way of knowing about it. Your best bet is to try loading the site - it will monitor users.

This exploit works fine on both Windows 8 and Mac OS. Its work is possible with earlier versions of the system or on Ubuntu. Your camera can be used for tracking. You can use several different methods to avoid this. You should not go to suspicious sites, as personal data is often tracked here. Also, you should carefully monitor the LED indicators of the cameras - if necessary, cover them with stickers. You can also use a device to jam Wi-Fi signals to avoid interception.

Wireless cameras are not the best choice because much information can be easily intercepted. These Wi-Fi networks are the most vulnerable so the data can be used against you. The danger also concerns users of tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. Built-in cameras can be difficult to disable, so you need to undermine the operation of the corresponding plug-ins.

We thank you for your question. We hope we could help you.

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