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A Portable Or Stationary Jammer: How to Choose?

Numerous people are wondering what type of blocking appliance they should select. This is entirely normal, keeping in mind that there are hundreds of different models out there that can be chosen. I can say that if you don’t know what you want to achieve with the jamming device, you probably don’t need it. You must do several essential steps before ensuring this is your device.


Number one is to determine your budget. Cell phone jammers, GPS blockers, and other jamming gadgets use diverse commonnesses, and their prices are variable periodically. The more frequencies your jamming appliance can stop – the more expensive it will be. This means you will have to set the maximum amount of money you can spend on such a device, and right after doing this, you can start looking for a device.

Jamming features

Number two on the list is the following; we consistently suggest that it is continually more profitable to understand what appliance you will buy. It will be better to read some additional info and understand how those devices work. It is not that hard, and it doesn’t take to be a rocket scientist to know how a mobile phone signal blocker or GPS jammer operates. If we have to explain the whole procedure in a few lines, it will be the following: your mobile phone is a duplex device and uses two types of frequencies – one for speaking and one for hearing. So basically, what your cell phone jammer will do is start broadcasting the same frequency, and in that way, the signal will be blocked.

Most people are initially shocked because the last thing they expect is the fact that there is a cell phone zapper or blocking device somewhere near them. This is the main reason why those devices are so preferred. They are still relatively new to the market, and you can still use them as a surprising measure. You will see how surprised people look when you switch your device on.

Portable devices

By the way, if you want to jam somebody near you and be able to use the device anywhere, you need to get a portable device. And when it comes to those types of devices, you need to look closely for the operating capacity. The more significant it is – the better. But you must be careful here because portable zappers with huge working coverages will exhaust the battery within a few minutes. The average radius, which can assure normal degree/working hours proportion, is 10-15 meters or 30-50 feet. Suppose you have any questions feel free to ask them at our wiki project. You can be confident that you will discover help there.

Desktop devices

On the other hand, if you don’t want to do the best in the situation and get a portable device, you can get a desktop version but keep in mind that they are still a bit expensive. Anyway, as we mentioned in the beginning, if you do your best and determine your budget, you can be convinced that you will find the best device, depending on your needs.

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