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How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking: Simple Tips and Recommendations

GPS-tracking appliances are widely used in modern cars. This is a small but beneficial device with many valuable properties. It can be used for navigation and route guidance when traveling uncharted territories. At the same time, such a device can be easily used against you. You need to use a particular anti-tracking device to avoid such a nuisance.

Modern jammers of GPS trackers have broad functionality, so they are often used to jam signals. At the same time, it is essential to consider that such equipment is legal only in some countries. Other techniques can be used to stop calls effectively. Jammer Store specialists studied the most simple but effective methods to ensure your safety on the road. Now you can travel alone with your thoughts without any risk of tracking from outside. 

Is there a way to stop GPS tracking?

You can pick up a particular module to stop tracking devices. A special module has a comprehensive functionality that creates an obstacle signal to various tracking devices. Such an appliance aims to eliminate any GPS signs with minimal risk and cost to you. Connecting such equipment to your car’s cigarette lighter or a power outlet would be best. You can also pick up portable equipment that can jam all third-party signals on the built-in battery. Such equipment can work for several hours, continuously blocking third-party signals.

As soon as you turn on the car, your locking device also starts, blocking any third-party GPS signals. As a result, your machine is not displayed on any monitoring systems, which optimizes the operating efficiency of the equipment. To turn on and configure the device, you need to follow a few simple recommendations:

  • First, you must familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics of the equipment before buying. Depending on the blocking signals and the influence range, the device's performance may differ. You should be guided by individual tasks to select truly working functional equipment to reduce the risks of GPS tracking.

  • More expensive devices have a more comprehensive range. Cheap devices are suitable for blocking at a short distance. It is also necessary to consider the characteristics and scope of use of specific equipment.

  • The GPS blocker is not forbidden to buy but cannot be used in all cases. It is prohibited to use such a device in places where you can prevent strangers from making calls or writing messages. Otherwise, you may be fined or subject to other penalties.

It is essential to choose the right equipment that suits individual tasks. Only correctly selected equipment will last for a long time and will maintain its effectiveness. 

What can I use to block A GPS tracker?

A portable blocker is another interesting instrument that allows you to block GPS signals. Such a device has high functionality and compact size, which makes it easy to take it with you to perform tasks of any complexity. You don't have to connect the device to your car. It is enough to select the working mode and press the corresponding switch to start.

Please note that it is best to turn off such a blocker if you stop or are close to subscribers and mobile phone users. Otherwise, you can block cellular signals, leading to many unpleasant consequences.

A blocking device is usually considered illegal, as it can block emergency calls and other types of frequencies. When buying plans to use. Otherwise, you may be fined by law enforcement agencies. 

How do I block GPS location on my car?

There are alternative ways to block your vehicle's location from being shown on the map. To do this, you can stop the signals using electrically conductive elements. For example, you can use the most common foil. You need to wrap your muffler all over with this sheet of aluminum foil. As a result, you will need help to track your location. You must be in the car and directly access the device to complete the task.

You can also use other methods. For example, you can put the tracker in an ordinary metal box. Such a capacitance has high protective properties, blocking almost any external signals. With the help of the box, you can quickly put or take out the device if necessary.

If you think someone is following you, you should carefully check your car for tracking devices. It would be best to search all the cracks and hiding places. After that, carefully remove the monitoring appliance and place it in a metal container or use foil. As you can see, you can even cope with the help of improvised means.

To avoid GPS chasing, you can also delete the battery from the monitoring appliance. First, you need to extract it. It must be carefully disconnected if it is connected directly to the machine. After that, you need to get the battery. Without power, the device cannot transmit signals to strangers. You have to throw out the storm.

You can also seek the help of professionals who will help you remove and disable chasing equipment faster, so you can be sure of your safety.

Please note that your mobile phone can also easily track your location. To avoid this, your best bet is to turn on airplane mode on your portable device or use a dedicated cell phone sign muffler to reduce the risk of being tracked. You also need to disable all location services. If necessary, it is better to turn off the device, which will minimize the risks of tracking your location.

To identify the presence of a tracking device, you will have to scrutinize your vehicle. As a rule, trackers are mounted in the least visible places. It can be a roof, a hood, or running gear. 

Can GPS tracking be blocked?

You can easily block any tracking signals to reduce the risk of third parties tracking your location. To do this, you need to pay attention to a few simple recommendations:

  • First, you need to scan your vehicle. Finding a searching gadget the first time is far from always possible, so you need to be careful not to be seen.

  • Handheld locators can be easily found on the Internet. Such electronic devices are highly efficient and can be pretty dangerous for you.

  • Devices to determine your location can work in active or passive mode, so you must be careful when planning your trip.

It is essential to monitor possible tracking devices and ensure your safety constantly. It is only sometimes possible to independently detect tracking devices. Therefore, it is better to consult.

Please note that it is forbidden to use GPS devices to block signals near places where vital infrastructure is located. For this, law enforcement agencies can hold you accountable. Securing may be a violation of the law. If you plan to use the appropriate equipment, then pay attention to some simple recommendations:

  • if a tracking device is connected to your machine, then you need to get the help of a specialist to disable it;

  • trackers work in real-time, so they transmit a signal constantly - you need to take this characteristic into account in the process of using and choosing a jammer;

  • many trackers can be physically connected to a computer or laptop to track your location;

  • if you think your vehicle is being monitored, then your best bet is to have a professional car mechanic help you remove this device.

When buying a blocker, it is essential to consider many subtleties since the efficiency of the equipment directly depends on this. Everyone will be able to choose the right equipment at a minimal cost. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of your state or region, which will allow you to avoid possible risks in the process.  

Jammer Store specialists are always ready to answer all your questions, as well as help you choose the best GPS-blocking device that will allow you to keep your location in the car a secret and you can travel safely.

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