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How to block hidden spying modules in modern gadgets?

Hi there! I've heard that the latest G20 summit in Russia brought a new spying scandal. They say that Russia had made some presents to the participants, like USB hubs and flash drives. The German secret services checked those devices and found that they had some hardware spying modules installed. I deal with such gadgets rather frequently, and they all come from China, so I'd like to know how to protect myself from those spying modules. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Hello, Paul!

We at Jammer-Store have seen the news too, and, strangely, Russia has tried to spread spying modules in such an obvious way. The pledge of Herman Van Rompuy checked those flash drives. Everybody knew those appliances would be reviewed, particularly with the NSA's spying scandal in the background.

They say that some spying modules were found, but Russian diplomats disagree with that, and as we've already said, the whole thing looks pretty strange. Typically such hardware modules use the closest wireless network to transmit the gathered data over VPN. It may even hack the nearest one using Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. Devices with USB may attempt to operate the broadcaster's web link, but such a way is not so evident and will be noticed by a program from viruses and a firewall if they are perfectly established. 

But still, the most vulnerable zone here is Wi-Fi, so ensure your local web is secure. The most suitable method to evade those dangers is to prevent those gadgets, but if it is impossible, you may try to stop those remote links yourself. In that issue, you will need an easy Wi-Fi jamming appliance. That's what will make sure that your information won't be robbed. The other side of such a resolution is broken Wi-Fi webs near you, so the conclusion is all yours.

Thanks for your question. I hope I've managed to help.

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