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How can I make Amazon to stop spying on me?

Hi everyone! I have heard about some tracking patents of Amazon that allow the company to track us. How it really works and what can be done to stop this?

Hello Bianca!

Yes, Amazon can indeed track your location, but that's just the beginning of the problems. They also actively cooperate with various manufacturers of computer equipment, televisions, and other devices to perform not the most pleasant action. Once your location is determined, your previous spot is recorded. The system then calculates your likely moves.

The system is accurate enough that the displays can display many ads for you to make a purchase. If that doesn't work, they send you many ads on your mobile phone to make sure the ads really work. At the same time, the system knows all your places of stay and can calculate your future movements. This data can conclude in the hands of intruders, which is the most unpleasant thing.

This system works by triangulating cellular communications, Wi-Fi, and tracking GPS signals. You need to stop tracking Amazon and restore your privacy and security.

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