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Is there any way to protect against tracking with FinFisher FinSpy Mobile?

Hello! I would like to understand the possible protection methods against FinFisher FinSpy Mobile. Is there any chance to avoid being tracked?

Hello Howard!

FinFisher is a very large company with many various spying solutions, and FinSpy Mobile is one of them, dedicated to monitoring and spying on all types of mobile phones and smartphones. They have a few ways of infecting your phone with their malicious software, like faking the installation of any service app, and those infecting ways are quite effective.

After installing the software, the risks of taking full control over your mobile device are high. As a result, there are high risks of tracking your location, messages, calls, and other data that you did not provide to anyone. To do this, attackers can use a variety of available means.

FinFisher FinSpy Mobile is compatible with a wide variety of phones and compact devices. Everyone will be able to use the jammer in accordance with the tasks. Only then can you be sure of the complete safety and security of the data that must be kept from strangers.

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