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How can I avoid being caught by Cambridge Consultants small cell phone base tower?

Hi people! I have recently heard about the company called Cambridge Consultants and their powerful gadget named small cell phone tower. Can I hide from it?

Hi Tina!

Cambridge Consultants is a well-known company that develops a wide variety of modern gadgets used in the economy. These devices are highly efficient. The company also develops mobile phone towers.

This tower is compact and looks like a regular phone but has a high power rating. You can use the device to amplify mobile phone signals and create an area without cell phone base stations. However, there is one danger. This system captures the individual identifier of your phone, which can be used against you.

However, you can avoid this. To do this, you should use the Cambridge Consultants cell tower blocking system, which operates at the desired frequencies. This equipment will help keep the smartphone ID completely safe.

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