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Hidden Employees GPS Tracking Is Now Legal: WTF?!

GPS tracker discovered under the car

If you are an employee of some company, your boss can now absolutely legally place a GPS tracker on your car and track your location during working time. Want to say something about the infringement of your solitariness rights and the 4th Amendment? Forget it!

Two courts, New York Appeals Court and Missouri Court, solved two different cases in favor of the workers. They have decided that there was no privacy breach and that the placement of those GPS trackers in the vehicles of those employees (who were both fired from their jobs after the courts) was legal.

GPS tracking placed under vehicle

They explained that their conclusions were based on the fact that it was a non-invasive installation of the tracking devices. As long as GPS trackers were attached to the defendants’ cars using magnetic fixation on the external side of the vehicles, there were no searches or intrusions into their cars. Despite the fact that the vehicles which were tracked were not the working ones but the personal cars of those ex-employees, the courts ruled that it was legal to track them because it was done during their operating hours.

Installing the GPS tracking devices 

As long as installing the GPS tracking devices and using the data provided by them revealed only the public locations of those vehicles. Because there were no violations of the 4th Amendment, the courts have considered those following subjects absolutely legal. In addition, because of the fact that GPS tracking was implemented during the working hours of those two people, it was totally constitutional to track their locations.

Magnet fixed GPS tracking device

Still, there is one question left: do you really want to make up your mind with this outrage that is fitted to look legal? If they have the right to track you, then you have the right to block their GPS trackers on your car, thus not letting them know where you are.

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