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Hackers Can Blow Up Printer Inside Your House

Wireless printer go up in flames

Researchers from Columbia University have found a scary security exploit during their researches. This exploit can not only make your personal data open for skilled hackers to steal at will, but can in addition end up in the blow up of your printer and as a result setting your whole house on fire. And I am not joking around. Those researchers have found out that certain models of wireless HP LaserJet printers (yet could hypothetically be any wireless model of printers from any manufacturer) are vulnerable to specific malware attack that can grant an absolute control of your wireless printer to the hacker from any point of the world.

So how this exploit works? Whenever you send any document to be printed on your wireless printer, if that particular document has this malware code inside it, this code would reinstall all the firmware of your wireless printer, granting full access to the interested hacker that wrote whole code of the malware. And since your printer is wireless due to the Wi-Fi connection, this hacker will be able to have full control of it at any time.

Wireless printer burned away

Once hacker gains this control of the wireless printer, he or she would be capable of accessing all information you send on that printer, potentially stealing all your personal information meant to be printed. But not only your private information and identity data at risk because this access will also allow that hacker to totally control the hardware inside your wireless printer, and continuously heat up the fuser that is used to dry the ink of the printer on the paper that goes out of it, which will cause that paper to go up in flames and destroy the whole printer during the princes.

So how can you possibly know if your wireless printer is infected by the malware and how will you be capable of fixing this issue? At this point, I can say you this: there are no easy ways to detect the malware, unless you are willing to throw away the infected wireless printer and replace it with the new one, but that might be pricey. Or, you can make sure your wireless printer is not connected to the internet. To do that you need to use wireless printer jammer that will protect its hardware from possible malware attacks.

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