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GSM Bugs: How To Block Them?

How does GSM eavesdropping system works and why is it so dangerous? If those questions really bother you – then this article will help you to resolve them. Nowadays GSM eavesdropping bugs are widely spread and one can easily buy the necessary equipment over the Internet. There are even discounts and free delivery.

There are various kinds of GSM bugs, which are designed for work in cars and buildings. In most cases it is a small box with a microphone, GSM transceiver and a battery. The only thing you'll need to do to make that bug work is to insert a SIM card in it and turn it on. By doing this you assign a certain phone number to the bug and enable it to use a GSM networks of different mobile carriers.

Then you will simply have to activate the bug by calling its phone number, some of those eavesdropping bugs are able to work for weeks and it senses sounds from 10-15 meters (30-50 feet). The main problem of those devices are power consumption, because it influence the working time of the bug directly. They solve that problem by keeping the bug turned of, until it detects any noise in the area.

After that it will dial owner's phone number and will let you to listen to anything that goes on around the bug. Also you will have a possibility to call it yourself and the result will be the same. That is the easiest and the cheapest technique of eavesdropping. It is also rather convenient because that GSM transceiver is rather small and it can be hidden almost anywhere. It can be mounted in a lamp, computer mouse, power adapter and many other places.

Another feature of those bugs is that they can be tracked. It will require a cell tower triangulation, by the way, mobile phones may be tracked the same way. Coordinates of the bug are defined between three closest base stations and if you will be able to leave it at somebody's car, you will have a full map of his daily route.

By the way, many mobile carriers provide tracking services themselves and they making things easy when it comes to tracking. Some mobile carriers, such as Verizon, even sells personal information to third parties. And the biggest part of users of those tracking services are evildoers, while that service was made for parents, that wanted to keep an eye for their kids.

But there are a couple of effective ways to protect yourself form that kind of tracking and eavesdropping. You may try to use voice scramblers, but they are rather inconvenient, because you will have to speak to the microphone and your talker will have to listen to the headphones. Also, scrambler won't be able to stop the tracking. So, we can recommend to use a GSM signal blocker instead. That device will simply cut the bug off its connection with the base station and stop the tracking, as well as any eavesdropping risks.

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