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GPS Will Help To Protect From Drugs

Global Positioning System

Tuesday, the national prosecutor USA said that the nationwide administration has too much self-restraint, which shall issue a guarantee for the building of the following appliances on the automobiles of suspects. Peter Smith, an assistant prosecutor in the District of Columbia USA, said that the bench does not need a contract for establishing search contraptions to observe narcotic trafficking in Washington.


Representatives established a GPS gadget on the car of a suspect in the medicine, and after months of watching, they have organized to confirm his involvement. Guilty, and his attorney insisted that GPS administration without a guarantee is banned.

Position prosecutors provoked lively debate in the Court of Appeal, which lasted much more than organizers had planned. The judges discussed the ethics of this surveillance and the extent to which the secret is information on the movement of people in a private cars on municipal roads. The first thing the judges worried about was the lack of judicial oversight of surveillance.

The agents compete that simple supervision, for which no promise is demanded, gives much more information than tracking by GPS. When individual supervision can set the number of passengers and then who exactly is behind the wheel, GPS-surveillance such information does not, but it somehow requires a warrant. Only one Federal Court of Appeal of the 7th District of the USA has decided that a GPS surveillance warrant is not required.

The Supreme Court has not yet raised the question of the need for warrants for GPS surveillance. But in 1983 he decided that the installation of Beeper `a (another tracking device, not based on GPS) a warrant is not required. The court also highlighted that a person traveling on a road use by the public, can not claim to confidentiality of its own movement. This is not about technology for the monitoring and observation in general. But the lawyer who was arrested was convinced that his case differs from the standard and because of the GPS-surveillance, have been infringed upon the constitutional rights of the client.

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