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GPS Tracking Might Work Without GPS Soon

Apple iPad

The competition of the tablet development industry is going to become extremely fascinating. Ever since famous Apple's iPad basically changed computing world, in the same way IBM changed it in 1981, users wish to get some handheld entertainment gadgets in their hands as quickly as it is possible.

Apple iPad

Artificially of the last months of 2011, the Apple iPad tablet is a steamroller among its competitors. In accordance with Apple CEO Tim Cook, their iPad owns 75% of all tablet sales across the USA. The largest trouble for Apple's rivals, in accordance with both reviewers and customers, is that there is no company that has created a tablet even close to the quality of iPad. When we talk about tablets, Apple's iOS beats down Android with ease.

Asus Transformer

GPS tracking

But now you can ask: how does this information relate to GPS tracking? Honestly, the tablet competition can change the way those GPS tracking systems operate. Look at the Asus Transformer, for example. In accordance with multiple reviewers, this tablet computer that is based on Android is the strongest competitor to iPad, apart from Samsung Galaxy tab models. Asus has created great product with a well-set integrated keyboard that allows you to transform this tablet into nice netbook effortlessly.

Asus Transformer

In contrast to the iPad, and also like lots of mobile phones, the Asus Transformer has GPS technology inside. But there is one problem: it seemingly does not do it extremely well. Asus has mentioned customer complaints about the tablet's embedded GPS may be a little bit slow on its uptake, with awkward delays while determining your location.

So what is the solution? In accordance with Facebook page of Asus Germany, they have developed an update that utilizes the tab's Wi-Fi connection to get the GPS satellite signal. As for now, utilizing Wi-Fi to completely replace GPS satellite signals sounds wrongly. Wi-Fi signals are not that ubiquitous in the world, while signals from GPS satellites may be send out anywhere on Earth. Nevertheless, arising technologies can eventually make that question disappear.

Super Wi-Fi

Jamming signals

The name of that new technology is Super Wi-Fi. It uses so called “white spaces” in UHF and VHF frequency bands which were released by broadcast television. So it uses common Wi-Fi frequencies for clients’ access and low UHF/VHF bands as a backhaul. And soon this technology might replace the GPS tracking we are used to. In order to prevent anyone from tracking your location in the future with the help of Super Wi-Fi technology, you can either block Super Wi-Fi UHF and VHF band or jam its Wi-Fi part. In any way you will be safe from it for sure.

So what can you say about this Super Wi-Fi? Do you like how modern technology develops? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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