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GPS tracking appliances may be legally used to spy upon you. Defend yourself with GPS jammers from the Jammer Store

The Ninth Circuit bench decreed a few days ago that it was completely legal for police to attach a GPS tracking device to a person's vehicle with neither his consent nor a warrant. The police could do this even if the person had no criminal background. This will be alarming news to any free individual who values his right to privacy and opens the way for police and other govt agencies to easily spy upon any person they choose with no legal repercussions. However, it is still possible to defeat GPS tracking devices used to track and monitor an individual's whereabouts, thanks to GPS jammers available at the Jammer Store.

Producing jammers

Swedish manufactory Jammer Store produces a variety of GSM, Wi-Fi, and GPS jammers for use by individuals. Among various specialized GPS jammers manufactured by the Jammer Store, the GJ6 jammer is probably the best. It can block any GPS device and thus protect you from being spied upon. It is small, light, and easy to take with you wherever you go, like a standard portable GPS jammer. However, you can also plug the GJ6 jammer into the power network of any building or vehicle and use it like a standard desktop GPS jammer, which makes the GJ6 very versatile. The GJ6 jammer has a set of antennae that are specially developed to produce an extremely powerful jamming effect. In addition, it's a rechargeable battery with a large capacity and an inbuilt cooling fan to ensure that the GJ6 functions for a long time before it needs a recharge and that too without overheating. A cell phone jammer having similar advanced features may also be bought at the Jammer Store.

Protecting privacy

It is sad that the very people who should protect our privacy are allowed to disrupt it. However, with the aid of GPS jammers, we can still protect our privacy.

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