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GPS Shoes: Safety Measure For Patients With Alzheimer And Prostitutes


Many people dream of a GPS running shoe. The first batch of such shoes has already been released. With the help of this shoe, you can track the location of those missing people who suffer from various remembrance disturbances. Plans for developing such shoes have been around for a long time, so they have come true for the first time.

The first such model with a GPS tracker was invented back in 2002. Then it was designed to track the location of the owner. Also, using this system, you can easily configure monitoring of various parameters and user locations.


The features of the tracking system

The tracking system is built directly into the heel or heel. It can be used to set operating parameters as an alarm.

Such shoes will be beneficial for somebody with Alzheimer's condition at different stages, which is of great danger. Such people can easily get lost.


Also, these shoes look like sandals. These are very stylish modern models with built-in tracking modules.

Sandals look antique, stylish, and attractive. There are no unnecessary details in them, which allows for maximum convenience.

A similar project is being developed to send warnings in case of danger.

Risks of using GPS shoes

Attention should also be paid to other possible risks and dangers. As a rule, such shoes cannot be used as usual. For example, you can use special GPS jammers for shoes, ensuring safety following all standard norms. These shoes are stylish and attractive. Share your impressions.

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