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GPS Shoes: Safety Measure For Patients With Alzheimer And Prostitutes


Those boots were truly made for walking and running.

The first lot of 3,000 shoes which has integrated GPS system that will help to track down people with dementia who are going out and missing is just transported from the manufacturer called GTX Corporation to the footwear company Aetrex, while plans to develop such product were announced two years ago.

The first model of shoes were dreamed up in 2002 because of Elizabeth Smart case and designed to situate missing children. And security is the real driving force today standing behind the company's GPS shoes. According to Fox News, those shoes will cost around $300 for pair and purchasers will be capable of setting up monitoring service to track and find people with Alzheimer disease.


The system is embedded in the shoe's heel and lets family members track the wearer and in addition set up alarms if he or she goes out of the predefined region.

It's particularly significant for people in the first stage of Alzheimer disease that has the highest risk. They might stay in the house but later they go for a walk somewhere and get lost in a blink of an eye.

But well in advance of GTX claimed their newest product to public, another manufacturer already thought about other type of people - the prostitutes.


"Our first sandal, the demo version of the future Platform 001 sandal model, was derived from the prostitutes lived in ancient Greece and Roman Empire, who enticed customers with their sandals which left racy "follow me" footprint on the ground," The Aphrodite Project website explains.

"Our modern sandals combine those poetical pictures from antiquity with design and safety features intended to meet the necessities of today's sex employees."

The Aphrodite Project is making sandals which are intended to defend prostitutes with a loud siren to frighten off dangerous attackers and with GPS tracking system that may send warnings in case of the danger.


But along with the usefulness of those shoes another danger may appear. You see, they are looking just as normal shoes thus your relatives may secretly watch your moves and know where you are even if you don’t want them to. Thus in order to prevent such situations from happening use GPS shoes jammers and be safe from invasion into your personal freedom.


So guys, how do you like new shoes with GPS? Girls, do you see yourself wearing new Aphrodite sandals? Or you are willing to block possible tracking? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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