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GPS Navigation In Minibuses

Microbus in Zhytomir

Private transporters in Zhitomir must equipped minibuses and buses with GPS-navigators, and have to connect to a single control center soon, said the head of city administration of Zhitomir Vera Sheludenko.

"Pirates" in transport

According to Sheludenko, such GPS-system will help identify and eliminate the “pirates” and unrecorded routes in Zhytomir, also adjust the transport scheme of the city.

"We will clearly keep tracking of how many cars will come, how they will work; I manage to perform schedule tracking. We can easy adjust the transport scheme to the place of the crowd sent a number of cars that people have the opportunity to go ", - explained Sheludenko.

According to the mayor, the development of the legal and regulatory framework will be entrusted to Eugenie Vodovozov, the head of transport and communication of Zhytomyr City Council. Then this issue will be submitted to the session of the City Council.

Using required GPS device

Sheludenko also told that transporters will be required to install the GPS device at its own expense, otherwise the license will be denied.

According, the head of the Zhytomir metro Sergei Musaev, it is planned that minibuses and buses will be equipped with GPS-navigators in February 2010.

21 December, will be opened a unified dispatch center KP "Zhytomirpass” based on "Zhytomyr Metro". Establishment of the Center - the first step toward the vision of a united city infrastructure, which will include Zhytomir Metro, the municipal electric transport, and in addition to private carriers

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