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Government Sets Up Fake Cell Phone Towers, Intercepts Your Texts, Calls And Disturbs You.

Ever since Edward Snowden outted the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, the need for CryptoPhone has been recognized among the population. The device's promise to secure us against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance has made the demand of the device to shoot through the roof. Everybody wants to be safe from the government listening on to their 3 a.m. booty calls. 

CryptoPhone’s mobile security team have also found out in their research that the version which is made available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 they tested, leaks data at 80 – 90 times per hour. In their research, they also were able to find and correct 468 vulnerabilities in stock Android.

This doesn’t stop there, apparently there exists potentially malicious towers that could carry out "over the air" attacks; it would just need a mobile device to connect to it. These towers then can be used as a point to install various attacks through spyware for eavesdropping on calls and messages. CryptoPhone has recently released a map that located 17 of these potentially malicious towers all over the US that was detected by users.

In another incident, that was revealed by Les Goldsmith, CEO of ESD America, a customer connected to eight such fake cell phone towers on his way to North Carolina from Florida on a road trip, even connecting to one at South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

With potentially risky fake cell phones towers like these, one would question why are they still in existence? Why hasn't the government taken care of the matter? Well, the reason behind it, as suggested by Goldsmith that the tower could actually belong to the government as most of these are often on top of US military base. This speculation doesn't seem far away from the truth when we factor in the leaked information about NSA and their capabilities.

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