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Government Intends To Block Mobile Phones

The administration of one of the towns in the United States of America decided to purchase a big quantity of phone signal jammers and place them in such national organizations as infirmaries, schools, military organizations and prisons.

Mobile accidents

The decision was reached after several accidents happened with the aid of cell phones. The first and extremely important accident happened in one of the national jails several months ago. The inmate had smuggled the mobile telephone to the jail in order to communicate with his mate who aided him to escape from the national jail. The prisoner was caught but there’s no guarantee that such accidents won't repeat again. Another incident was in a national infirmary. The infirmary was granted modern equipment that could aid lots of patients to rehabilitate or recover. But it was broken due to unreasonable usage of mobile telephones near the sensitive equipment.

There are lots of other accidents caused by use of cell phones. People neglect placards that say that it’s not allowed to utilize mobile telephones in this region that's why soon high-power cell phone jammers will be placed in such organizations in order to cease the negative effect of cell phones. The administration members are sure that aid to solve this problem.

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