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Google Is Proud To Present Two New Ways Of Geolocation And Tracking

Google Are You Tracking Me?

“Businesses have a lot of moving parts – sometimes quite literally. Map-based information is useful for any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, employees who travel, or other mobile resources” – that’s how Google’s blog post begins and it tell us about the two new ways of geolocation, based on Google Maps service.

Launching new APIs

Google is launching two different APIs that will allow organizations and enterprises to use a really new way to monitor their property. Both of those APIs are meant to be used in applications development. Now, let’s take a deeper look into both of them.

Google Tracks

The first API is called Google Tracks and it allows building applications, that can log, store and build the Tracks of the vehicles, the data is to be provided by GPS and the tracks can be visualized with the use of Google Maps. That API is not really new to program developers, but the use of it is in a more convenient realization of a geo fencing features. There are also really powerful analytic tools included. Fleet controlling devices and applications developers will surely use that Google Tracks.

Google Maps Geolocation

Another API is really cool. It is called Google Maps Geolocation. The “killer feature” of this API is that, that it allows a device to obtain its coordinates without GPS or GLONASS system. The location system is based on the identifying the closest Wi-Fi hot-spots and cell towers. “By limiting GPS usage, a device can save battery life and work indoors or in remote areas” – says the article.

Google Tracks API

And now, we can probably try to look at those APIs from the point of security and privacy protection. I could bet that Google developed those to make our lives better, to make it possible to create a really effective indoor navigational system, but some people may try to use it for less noble purposes.

Tracking applications

As I see it, such applications are opening a wide variety of opportunities for tracking. I think so, because most of the people, that are afraid of that that they were tracked are now using GPS or even A-GPS jammers, which now may be less effective, due to the Google Maps Geolocation API.

As I’ve already said that API uses Wi-Fi hotspots and cell tower triangulation to calculate its position. We can also say that it will be less accurate than A-GPS can achieve, but it will be really more power saving. That will make the tracking bugs more effective due to their prolonged working time. Another point is that, that GPS jamming devices will be really useless, because they work with different frequencies.

Wi-Fi Navigation

Using jammers for Google

But you may still try to use A-GPS or cell phone jammers, because both of them will partially block the operations of the device, based on that new API. Those jamming device I was speaking of above can jam cell phone signals, so the device will not be able to use the cell phone network data for navigation, but it will still has the Wi-Fi. So, to be totally safe from tracking, based on those two APIs you will have to use a very specific jamming device that can be compatible with GPS, cell phones and Wi-Fi. Luckily Jammer-Store can provide such a device. That jammer works with 2.4 GHz frequency, which is used for Wi-Fi connections, 850/1900 and 800/1900 GSM standards, which are used in USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe, Asia respectively. I am talking about a MONSTRO jammer, it will surely do the trick!

Google’s statistics tells us that more than 800,000 developers are using those APIs right now, so be careful, maybe one of those applications are working on your smartphone or a tablet. Stay safe!

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