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Google Glass And New Privacy Issues: Will That Gadget Spy On Us?


Augmented reality glasses from Google, the so called Google Glass, are really popular among tech geeks and other people that are fond of modern and interesting gadgets. But some people are concerned about the problem of privacy. If that gadget will become widely spread, than all of us may be under hidden video surveillance. That's why there are even large communities, that are trying to restrict those glasses in public places.

Google Glass demo

Google Glass demo shows that this is a really modern and totally safe device, but many people think that it will cause lots of privacy issues. Google Glass will allow its owner to capture and save video and images transparently, eavesdrop people and even send all the gathered data to social networks immediately.

Another privacy problem here is the fact that Google Glass will let you automatically identify a person in the crowd and provide you all the data on that person, from social networks. So, we at can say that if there is a Glass explorer nearby – chances for a private conversation are extremely low.


Also, the quick and intuitive search will affect social life in many ways. Google Glass may uncover the information, which is preferred to be concealed. Imagine the situation, when you look at your talker's watches you see the watches alone, and if you will use Google Glass, you will get an info about its price, manufacturer, etc. So, people may begin to judge you depending on what you wear.

Stalking issues

We should also mention tracking and stalking issues. As you know, Glass is synced with your Android based smartphone and uses its 3G or 4G network. In that case, someone will be able to track your location, using cell tower triangulation. And another problem here is that it uses Bluetooth standard to communicate with a smartphone. That standard uses vulnerable 2,4 GHz frequency, which can be easily hacked.

New opportunities

Another thing we should consider are all the new opportunities, that those glasses provide to evildoers. Just imagine, what can be done with all that information? Anyone will be able to assess, how much money do you have, by just looking at you. Glass will provide all the necessary data on the prices of your clothes and accessories, info on social networks, etc.


On the other hand, people now are getting used to a video surveillance, there are CCTV cam's everywhere and car cameras are installed in may vehicles, but the difference here is that all the data they gather is stored locally and is being deleted after some time and when it comes to Google Glass – all the data is stored in the cloud, where it can be obtained by literary anyone, from law enforcements to terrorists.

And it may be stored there for a really long time. As long as Google gathers personal user's data, it won;t hesitate to use all the information, gathered with Glass. All those files may be processed, audio files may be transformed to text and processed with filters. Using photos and video's one is able to detect faces and find out where, when and with whom was any particular person.

All those facts are leading to a total surveillance. And cooperation of major cell carriers with authorities, selling of personal data to advertisers and third parties can prove that. Google Glass will probably make everyone to spy on each other and hand all the data over to a third party, which will remain transparent.

Jamming devices

But there is something that can be done with that. You can use Bluetooth jamming device, which will block the connection between Glass and the smartphone, without disrupting GSM service and mobile Internet. That will be probably the best solution, if those glasses will become popular and widely spread.

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