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GLONASS System Substantially Lose Its U.S. Counterpart

GLONASS system

Ground-based navigation technology Russia's GLONASS system substantially lose its U.S. counterpart - GPS (Navstar), said Alexander Gurko, chairman of the board of directors of OJSC "Navigation and Information Systems (NIS) - the first federal GLONASS network operator in an interview.

"It would seem, has all the ingredients to GLONASS, as an alternative to GPS, has become a truly global development and spread in the world. But this is not happening. The time for the active promotion of GLONASS has been lost due to lack of competitive chipsets GLONASS / GPS", -- said Gurko. He was to argue that in order to catch up with GPS in terms of ground infrastructure and production for mass consumers, Russia needs to develop even more rapidly, because the domestic market is not organized and GLONASS products based on its development appear much slower than the GPS. "Not to mention the promotion of world markets, where the degree of awareness of the GLONASS almost zero," - declared the head of the first federal GLONASS network operator.

Moreover, Alexander Gurko sure that GLONASS has a chance to develop further.

"With the economic crisis, and paradoxically it may sound, the GLONASS have a chance. In connection with the instability, the development of the U.S. GPS-system, the European GALILEO and the Chinese BEIDOU slowed. Russian navigation network can make up for the lost two or three years and strengthen its position not only in Russia and former Soviet republics, but also in the world "- the upcoming move GLONASS is necessary to radically change the pace of implementation of domestic developments in Russia and abroad. If we continue along the old course, the existence of GLONASS is being questioned, "- identified the first head of the Federal GLONASS network operator.

According to his point of view, to have time to become competitive system, the GLONASS remained no more than three years.

"Maybe to close the opportunities for the development of GLONASS, which is not more than three or four years prior to the active promotion of GALILEO, BEIDOU. We need a vigorous and rapid action: first, to develop a competitive chipsets GLONASS / GPS, in addition to products their based on, and secondly - to create markets for devices and systems based on the development of GLONASS for mass application, "- says Alexander Gurko.

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