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GLONASS/GPS car trackers

The cars, made in Russia are going to be equipped with the double-system receivers GLONASS/GPS on the conveyor – reported the executive of the “GLONASS / GNSS – Forum” firm, Vladimir Klimov, giving an interview the Izvestia newspaper. According to his sayings, within the ERA GLONASS program, each car will be equipped with the device, "which if it is needful in case of accident, it will post a sign or a voice message in the center of traffic.

Emergency systems

"Thus, the emergencies and their exact locations would be fixed, and the following problems with traffic, too. And, of course, this information will help to react on the situation, providing the assistance," –said Klimov.
Speaking about the program ERA GLONASS, he marked that "there will take action the analogous system which is based on GPS / Galileo in Europe in 2012”. "Here it is also told about a double-system receiver - GLONASS / GPS. It is anticipated that the cars which are about to be sold in Russia, that they are fixed with these devices on the assembly belt “-said he.

Answering to the question about the competition of the GPS from America and the Russian-developed system, Vladimir Klimov said: "SBS had systematically been developing about 20 years, but the company GLONASS - only eight years." "But at the hardware level we are already approaching to the GPS – about the sizes of receivers, the power and the color characteristics. And soon the Western associations will form the double-system equipment GLONASS / GPS," – noted he.

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