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FCC Targets 20 Online Retailers Of Cell Phone Jammers


The US telecommunications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission has released 20 enforcement activities against online sellers in 12 US states for illegally selling more than 200 fully described types of mobile phone jamming devices, GPS jamming devices, Wi-Fi jamming devices, and comparable signal blocking devices.

"Our activity ought to send a robust message to all retailers of signal blocking devices that we won't endure continued violations of many federal laws. Blocking devices pose important dangers to public safety and may have unexpected and sometimes even dangerous results for customers and first responders", said Enforcement Bureau Chief Michele Ellison.

Selling signal jammers

Accordingly, the Bureau conducted every online seller to take urgent steps to stop selling signal jammers to customers in the US and its districts. Such steps can comprise displacing the illegal signal jammers from online stores, expressly excepting customers in the US as possible clients, and refusing to trade signal jammers or complete any business deals to customers in the US.

The Bureau in addition ordered all illegal online retailers to furnish data about their signal jamming device suppliers, their distribution channels, and information about sales -- comprising the manufacturers of every illegal signal jammer, the websites which online retailer has used as marketplace for jammers in the US or its districts, and the corrective activities that online retailer already has taken or which it will take to obey federal laws forbidding the sale and marketing of blocking devices.

Illegal retailers

Here is the list of illegal retailers from FCC official website:

  • Bling Wholesalers, St. Louis, MO –
  • Brilliant Store, Inc., Fremont, CA –
  • Consumer Security Products, Mill Creek, WA –
  • Espow International, Ltd., Jersey City, NJ –
  • Jabiru Bamboo Ltd., Keene, NH –
  • Junker Signal Solutions, Bremerton, WA –
  • Molary Alexent, New York, NY –
  • NOVA Retail Ent., Woodbridge, VA –
  • Papatek, Santa Clara, CA –
  • PJS Gifts, Shorewood, IL –
  • SAFI Service, LLC, Houston, TX –
  • Secret Service, Inc., Rosemead, CA –
  • Silver Valley Tech, Kellogg, ID –
  • Simply Surveillance, Bessemer, NC –
  • Sleuthtek, Mill Creek, WA –
  • Sunvalleytek International, Inc., Santa Clara, CA –
  • The Signal Jammer, Los Angeles, CA –
  • Tna International Electronics, Norwalk, CA –
  • World Mall Electronics, East Greenwich, RI –
  • Yapper Zapper, Corona, NY –

As you can see, Jammer Store Inc. is not on the list, and you know why? Because our company has all necessary legislative permissions to do what we can do the best way – manufacture various signal jammers and let you choose and purchase any model you need. As for those companies in the list, they must think hard about breaking federal laws and working illegally, and make some conclusions for the future.

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