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FBI Wants To Readily Eavesdrop Internet And Mobile Communications

FBI surveillance van

The FBI has formed an entirely new division that monitors people's communications with the help of current technic keys. This will ensure public safety and reduce the possible risks of fraud and terrorist attacks. This government unit is called the National Center for Service to Internal Contacts.

Law and jammers

This department fully supports law enforcement in maintaining public order by studying current signals in the network. This project is aimed at optimizing many processes. The range of actions of a detailed division is quite extensive. Professionals must monitor rings, social media messages, and other resources. Also, specialists must intercept contacts in real-time. It also uses current equipment.

Law enforcements

Tracking personal data in real-time

If the authorities need assistance, they can turn to this unit to ensure data processing speed. At the same time, unauthorized tracking of personal data is considered illegal. This makes a lot of people suspicious.

That's why you should think about how to stop tracking people's sensitive data in real-time. This is very important for a safe life and personal space.

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