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Egypt Is Spying On Its Citizens Via Cell Phones And Internet

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Yep, the list of countries which spy on their citizens added one more country – Egypt. Their main telecommunication company called Telecom Egypt that is owned by the Egypt government has the ability to monitor web traffic and cell phone data. And all this they can do with the help of American equipment.

Egypt Telecom company

The American company from California called Narus develops and sells different surveillance equipment that allows telecommunication companies to monitor the data that goes through their network in real time. With such equipment Telecom Egypt can monitor, track and target all web content from any internet user of their network. They also can record anything from that amount of data, reconstruct any selected e-mail with its attachments, replay any VoIP call and even discover full browsing history with all pages being clicked.

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Technology features

Technology that allows such data recording and manipulation is called Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). There are many companies which manufacture such telecommunication surveillance equipment in USA, Canada, Israel and many other countries. They sell their surveillance equipment to many countries of the world, allowing their governments to effortlessly establish nation-wide surveillance and spy on their citizens through the telecommunication networks like internet or mobile phones.

So now to the list of the countries spying on their citizens that already includes United Kingdom, India, USA and Iran (and there is also some information that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are also customers of Narus) you can add Egypt for sure. Their primary telecommunication company has joined the ranks of the world telecoms which inspect all data from all their users and thus spy on all of them without any qualms of conscience.

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How to prevent spying?

If you are living in Egypt, you are probably not very happy to discover such information about your country’s biggest telecom operator. Still I guess you would like to prevent Egypt government from spying on you using your mobile phone and internet connection for that, right?

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