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Don’t Let Privacy Threats Linger Around Your Android Smartphones And iPhones

Technology is advancing day by day having its own pros and cons. People are surrounded with enormous number of technologies around them. The android Smartphones and iPhones are the next generation of technology innovation. They are themselves loaded with enormous technical inventions, which have made individuals dependent on them. The present generation iPhones and android devices open the doors for innovations having both advantages as well as disadvantages. It is very difficult for every individual to understand and differentiate between advantages and disadvantages of their iPhones and Smartphones.

Various technical experts who are involved in technical field are able to understand and differentiate between the pros and cons of technical features of various Smartphones.  Somehow, they are able to recognise the major con of these Smartphones. These Smartphones having so many pioneering featured applications installed in them result in causing threat to the privacy of your Smartphones and iPhones. 

The biggest question that arises is that - How the featured applications or software cause harm to the privacy of the Smartphones?

Finding an answer for this question is just equal to beat about the bush. People are fond of using new and innovative applications unknown of the fact that various unwanted malwares and viruses are also attacking with your access to the application. People who are unaware of the technology are also unaware about the threats related to it. 

There are certain people in this world who misuse the technology for dangerous intentions. They create such kind of applications, which can take out your personal data from your Smartphones without coming into your knowledge. Whenever you install a new social application, you are asked to allow the usage of data for the application. You also without giving a thought over it, give the permission for data usage to the application by pressing OK. As soon as you press OK, your whole personal details are forwarded to the hackers who can misuse them. 

Various such cases of hacking have been reported in recent years. According to a report, one such case of hacking has caused huge amount of damage to the Smartphones and iPhones that no one have ever imagined. There was a site named, which provided the users with the facility of snapchat. People being an application freak, incorporated snapchat with various third unknown parties. This snapchat assured to save the pictures of the users on the desktop but as soon as people uploaded their pictures, it was hacked. Millions of people who have uploaded their pictures, they were in the hands of some corrupt hackers. 

Thus it is a humble request to every Smartphone and iPhone user that, always be aware of what you are doing with your phone. The privacy of your phone is in your own hands. Don’t trust any unknown application so easily just by seeing its benefits. Technology can be more hazardous in further time thereby causing increased destruction in your Smartphone and iPhone.

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