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Does jammer blocks one frequency or many bands simultaneously?

Hello everybody! I have not much knowledge about jammers so I want to know how they work - are they block only one frequency band or few at the same time?

Hello Gary!

When the first jammers for electronic devices appeared, there were jammers designed for one frequency. Later devices improved. All new frequencies on different bands appeared in the list. New types of obstacle formation have been developed. All of them were equipped with several antennas.

GSM frequencies are considered the most popular. They are not blocked separately. There are full-fledged multi-functional jammers. There are also more and more other frequencies to block. For example, there are 4G/LoJack/XMWiFi/Bluetooth/3G/GSM obstacle jammers, and multi-frequency desktop devices. In them, all frequencies are configured in advance before purchase.

As you can see, modern technologies are constantly evolving, allowing us to provide users with new opportunities.

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