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Cell Phone Spying With Eavesdropping Trojan Danger


The story came out lately in Israel about arresting the 22 people who are private investigators because they used eavesdropping Trojan viruses for mobile phones widely

As it was reported, the Trojan horse, known as SpyPhone, has cost from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the model of the phone. Its abilities differ from taping conversations to listening to the exterior room space around the telephone via its microphone.

This technology is working for many phone models, from very old Nokia 5500 and to the contemporary iPhone. While it’s evident the abilities of the Trojan virus differ from phone to phone, the attack vectors looks like to be human -- public engineering.

It has also been told about that automatic attacks often have been utilized previously by application of software vulnerabilities, but some are rumors. Nevertheless, that does not appear to be our case here. The infection methods differed from asking somebody for his telephone for a few minutes, posting the text message and getting a download link, and downloading it. There are other ways like sms and mms lures to obtain the click on a link made by user.

To prevent this situation from going on with your mobile phone, watch carefully what messages you get, what links you open, and use phone eavesdropping jammer to be sure that evildoers cannot steal your conversations and record them for illegal usage.

Have you any ideas on how to prevent this from happening to your mobile phone? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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