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Cell Phone Spying With Eavesdropping Trojan Danger


Recently, an announcement appeared about the arrest of 22 people in Israel who used Trojan viruses to listen to users' mobile phones.

The Trojan horse, SpyPhone, costs up to $2,500 depending on the phone's features. Its characteristics differ depending on the listening conditions.

This technology is suitable for many phones - from old to the newest. Features of the Trojan virus depend directly on the phone model, but the usage vectors are approximately the same.

Automated attacks are increasingly being used to find software vulnerabilities. These are not isolated cases. Methods for infecting devices are different. For example, some publish test messages for users to download, falling for the deception. There are also other ways to hack.

To avoid personal data hacking and eavesdropping, you should carefully monitor all downloaded files from the Internet. You can use the device to create eavesdropping barriers to keep your data private.

Do you have any ideas on this topic? How do you deal with listening? Answer questions in the comments.

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