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Cell Phone Networks Leak Enough Data To Track Your Location

Frozen mobile phone tower

According to the latest research data from the University of Minnesota, GSM cellular communications store location information, which gives attackers access to sensitive data.

It has been demonstrated that there are a large number of different factors that influence the flow of information from the overall GSM stack. This allows the attacker to quickly find the phone's position and immediately track his victim. Moreover, all these actions occur without the knowledge of the owner. All calls and messages can be interrupted instantly. Scientific researchers wrote about problems with GSM.

Cell phone tower position triangulation

The publication was presented at a symposium on the operation of distributed systems. This is being against the background of the fact that the developers of modern smartphones are increasingly violating user security settings. There have also been reports that Google and many other companies have placed special tracking programs on the iPhone to track users. Apple was going to remove tracking devices from the app store to avoid following the list of users' contacts. The software developer also claims that large corporations easily collect customer data.

Scientists say that many providers' cell towers track their subscribers to register their path and successfully connect for calls and communications. It's completely legal by law enforcement.

Very big cell phone tower

The researchers also demonstrated that it is a chance to track almost any mobile phone within 10 meters. An appropriate investigation was carried out.

Mobile phones can be a real problem in terms of user security. That is why you need to use tools to reduce the risks of tracking your location. You should keep your data secure.

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