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Cell Phone Network Can Block GPS Signals? LOL!

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My dear friends! Today’s article won’t look like few ones before, and you know why? Because today I want to ask you one thing: do you believe in all news that you read on the internet? I hope not, and here is why. This ridiculous nonsense was published at The Columbus Dispatch:

The company desiring to set up a 4G cordless network has been stalemated by opponents who fright that this network would block GPS signals, posing a menace to business and to the protection of those people flying in airplanes and struggling in the armed forces.

Global Positioning System is utilized by almost everybody — in cell phones, automobile navigational devices and almost each probable means of business. Commercial airplanes utilize Global Positioning System to ground airplanes safely, especially during times of extremely low visibleness. Delivery companies count on Global Positioning System to bring products on time. Farmers utilize Global Positioning System to define exactly where to bring fertilizers and pesticides, utilizing the technology to upsurge productivity and steer clear of waste. The armed forces utilize Global Positioning System coordinates to keep their troops protected and to assault the right targets.

4G on fingers

Other people who count on Global Positioning System say they are watching LightSquared company that wishes to set up an immense nationwide 4G cordless network with satellite coverage integration. LightSquared says that it has had special permission to utilize a piece of frequency range — the airwaves, essentially — for almost a decennary, and now it wishes to utilize it. Basically, LightSquared says that it has had the vacant spot for years, but now it is prepared for construction. All it wants is the permission from the FCC.

The trouble is: That frequency range is next to range utilized for Global Positioning System signals. Opponents of the LightSquared's intentions compare it to having the heavy-metal music band move next door from you. They say LightSquared's strong network would overwhelm Global Positioning System signals and this can become a disaster with economic and even life-threatening consequences.

Don’t make me laugh!

Civilian GPS system uses L1, L2 and L5 with 1575.42MHz, 1227.6MHz and 1176.45MHz frequencies respectively. Military forces use L3 band (1381.05MHz) and L4 band (1379.913MHz). 4G wireless networks use 1710-1755MHz and 2110-2155MHz as 3G plus 2496–2690MHz frequency in its work. LightSquared was granted the spectrum between 1525MHz and 1559MHz that is close to the GPS L1 band but not interferes with it. The tests have shown that only 1% of total GPS used frequency range may be sometimes slightly affected.

Satellite from above

Blocking wireless network

Thus it’s up to you to believe The Columbus Dispatch or not. In any way, if you want to keep the GPS safe from possible interference of the new 4G network, you can use 4G jammers to block LightSquared wireless network. You know, just in case.

And don’t forget that your opinion on this case is important to us so you are welcome to leave some comments here. Oh, one more thing. Watch this video before you write your comments:

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