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Cell Phone Jammers In Jails

Cell phone jammers in prison

Nowadays the Federal Correctional Establishment in Maryland is making a test to demonstrate that GSM jammers truly may be useful. The Interacted Press quotes a spokesman who says the officials are seeking to demonstrate to Congress how the technologies may avoid prisoners from utilizing the non-licensed mobile phones.

Why block phones in prisons?

Prisoners using mobile phones to arrange crimes outside of prison is becoming a more usual situation around the region. The AP says that in July, correction heads in 26 regions submitted a plead to the Communications Commission asking for national regulators' authorization to block mobile phone waves in the state convict prisons. Nongovernmental radio facilities fall under the competency of the FCC while NTIA has power over federal usage of the radio ranges.

The new concept of using GSM jammers in prisons

Placing GSM jammers in jails is not a new concept. While it would seem like the most efficient method to avoid the appliance of contraband mobile telephones amongst prisoners, they, in addition, run the risk of jamming signals regions adjacent to the jail.

While expecting actions on their demand, many jails have been utilizing specially trained big dogs to sniff out mobile phones.

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