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Cell Phone Jammers In Libraries

Cell Phone Jammers in Library

The combat between teachers and students over the usage of mobile phones in schools achieved new level in B.C. when a school director installed a cell phone jammer to cease the ringtones, the speaking and the text messaging.

Mobile phone interdiction

Steve Gray, the director in Port Hardy Secondary School was disappointed that a mobile phone interdiction in his school was not successful.

"We forbade them several years ago and that does not seem to have solved the problem," commented Gray.

"When there are cell phones in use, there’s a continuous background of "Please put your mobile phone away. Please give me your mobile phone," said Gray.

So a month ago he found an Internet shop and purchased a specialized equipment from China to block the phone signals.

Cell phone jammers usage

Last week the cell phone jammer, that Gray described as a small box with 4 aerials, came from China, and he installed it on the wall in the library.

"We'll do a small experiment and examine what would occurred," he reported.

"It was amazing how it functioned.… Two-thirds of the high school instantly became closed for mobile phone usage. The educators were extremely glad. Students were questioning what was going on," he commented.

"Plenty of students said, “Yeah, you have done the correct thing,"

reported Gray. A lot of others, although, were angry, and then a group of students rejected to go back to class after luncheon, asserting their rights had been violated, reported Gray.

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