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Cell Phone Jammers In Indian Prison

Indian Prison

Bihar authorities on Thursday said that the offer to place cell phone jammers in Bihar prisons would not be efficient. Even the phone signal jammer placed in Delhi's Tihar prison isn't efficient, said water funds development minister in the Bihar law-making council during the session.

The minister was answering to a question of CPI representative related to intimidating phone calls being made from prisons to people for some ransom. Chaudhary commented that because of frequent raids in prisons, the government was capable to recover a few mobile sets from Bihar prisons.

Earlier, the authorities had invited international tenders for placing jammers cell phone in Bihar prisons. Connoisseurs had made presentations but they turned out to be inefficient. Lately, in Jharkhand cell phone jamming devices hadn't turned out to be efficient in tackling Maoist attack, the minister commented. Connoisseurs from Bihar were sent to Delhi to reconsider the functioning of jammers cell phone in Tihar prison. But they were not found working properly, the minister reported. He said the authorities wished to place cell phone jammers to put an absolute ban on intimidating phone calls from prison for ransom. But because of quick progresses in cell phone technology, it has become very difficult.

"We have tested cell phone jamming device here in Beur central prison. While it failed inside the prison premises, people living in close regions began complaining about their cell phone system breakdown", the minister reported.

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