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Cell phone jammers in Cairo conflict

During last aggravation of the riot in Cairo military forces of Egypt used jamming tools to make protest actions uncoordinated and less destructive and as a result reduced the quantity of losses amongst society. Therefore plenty of human lives were rescued thanks to cell phone signals jamming.

Nowadays Cairo is an epicentre of mass disorders. This horrible situation is extremely difficult, the city is full with protesters, who are willing to get their goal, police  try to cease all these riot activity and ask protesters to quit the Tahrir Square so that the calm atmosphere could be restored.

To cease coordinate actions of protesters the authorities shot down all the mobile communication all over the city. In several hours it was renewed but jammers  for local Global System for Mobile Communications frequency jamming were utilized in the locations of large masses like on the Tahrir Square and other centers of riots in Cairo. Due to the use of Global System for Mobile Communications jamming devices, the coordination of the protester groups by means of mobile phones became impracticable and the aggravation of the situation on the territory of Cairo was ceased. In addition appliance of mobile telephone jammers made usage of radio-controlled bombs of radical protesters impracticable. Some bombs are activated by means of the signal of the cell phone, and Global System for Mobile Communications jammers avoid the successful usage of such explosive devices.

The member of Jammer Store Company annotated the situation of Global System for Mobile Communications jammer appliance in Cairo: “That is the right case GSM jammers were originally created for. It was police forces who used first jamming devices for appliance in various situations when definite radio waves should be blocked.” In addition he confirmed that a big number of GSM jammers were purchased in Cairo just before the new wave of the protest activities. In connection with such an important demand on blocking tools the Jammer Store Company created a GM20 Military cell phone jammer specially for appliance in Cairo. This extremely powerful cell phone jammer of new generation permits to jam all the Global System for Mobile Communications, WiFi, Code Division Multiple Access and Bluetooth signals inside of a huge range and therefore huge territory may be rescued from the appliance of these waves.

GSM jammer is a tool intended to jam any signals that cell phone sends and gets. It becomes impossible to successfully utilize the mobile phone in the region where such a tool is switched on. Handheld GSM jammers initially were utilized by military departments and special organizations for security aims. There’s a big choice of such tools depending on the size, functioning range and cost. And a GM20 military mobile phone jammer designed by Jamm er Store Company is the most fail-safe and powerful handheld GSM jammer on the market. GM20 was created to meet demands of police forces so in addition to cell phone blocking it also jams such widely utilized frequencies as Code Division Multiple Access, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That functions are very helpful during police and military operations. There is in addition a great deal of examples of helpful civil usage of GM20 GSM jammer by people of various financial and social status and professional actions. But it’s evident that the most useful usage of this blocking tool is when there’s danger because of with cooperative activity of aggressive or disappointed people around and jamming of Global System for Mobile Communications signals may be extremely useful in such difficult situations. GM20 military GSM jammer is the best tool to avoid terrorist activity and other dangerous events where mobile connection is extremely important to commit different crime.

Nowadays the situation in Cairo is not as terrible as it was several days ago. Such an effective method as jamming of mobile phone signals was a perfect decision and now we hope that there will be no very dangerous activity in Cairo any more.

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