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Cell phone jammers in Cairo conflict

The last resistance of the inhabitants in Cairo was carried out with the use of particular jammers by law enforcement agencies in order to suppress the speakers. This was also necessary in order to reduce the number of victims. That is why we managed to save everyone with the help of modern equipment.

Jammers in Cairo conflict

At the moment, Cairo is not the safest place. The situation is quite complicated because of the protests. All people go to the square, which creates discomfort and many other unpleasant consequences.

To stop the coordination of such criminal acts, special equipment is used in the form of jammers. As a result, all signals in the city were suppressed. Such interruptions made the situation more controlled by the state. Also, jammers of mobile devices made it possible to reduce all signals.

This is the case when it was necessary to create the appropriate conditions for jamming the GSM signal. Otherwise, even more complex symptoms and situations could appear. That is why, for such cases, Jammer Store created special equipment for jamming GM20 Military mobile phones to ensure the required level of security. This is modern productive equipment that allows you to block not only mobile signals, but also other frequencies in a given range. This is a great solution that allows you to optimize many everyday tasks.

Military GSM jammer

GSM Jammer is a special modern equipment that helps to jam many unwanted mobile phone signals. You will not be able to operate the mobile device within the specified range. A large selection of modern tools allows everyone to choose the optimal solution in accordance with individual needs and possibilities. The portable tool is specially designed for law enforcement agencies, allowing you to reduce the risk of losing important data, as well as to ensure order among the local population. Also, such a device helps to drown out Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which is also important in many cases. Similar functions will be required during various special military operations. Also, the equipment is used to protect the local population from intruders and terrorists. Jamming of cellular communications may be required in global systems. Military jammers are actively used to fight criminals and prevent various negative consequences for the local population.

Current situation in Cairo

Now the situation in Cairo has been stabilized. With the help of a jammer, it was possible to suppress protests and restore order among the population.

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