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Why cell phone jammers are forbidden in prisons

"Our most important problem is mobile phones," reported the Texas Division of Criminal Justice General John Moriarty.
In the last year, the Texas jail system has expropriated a big number of mobile phones.
Investigators saw the confiscated cell phones hidden in various “ingenious” locations, such as in the juice bottle and in the book.
Eighty mobile phones were in addition found  in the air generator that was brought to one of the  jails.
Moriarty reported where the prisoners try and place these mobile phones never stops to surprise him.
"I have a situation where the prisoner hid the telephone into his abdominal cavity," he reported, “and not only the cell phone but the charging device, too.”

Mobile phones in prisons

But for each mobile telephone that is detected, Moriarty comments another appears to find its way inside.
Few understand this better than State Member of senate John Whitmire.
"I could not believe it at first,” commented the member of senate from the 15th Area. “I was sure it was a prank phone."
Nevertheless, it was barely a joke a few years ago when on another end of the telephone line was death row prisoner Tabler.
"He (Tabler) said name of my daughters, my ex-wife, knew the information about their address, their age," commented Whitmire.
"I have been feeling the unpleasant effects of those intimidating phone calls, and I don't wish anybody I represent or anybody in the area of Texas to feel it," commented Whitmire.
Moriarty reported that keeping mobile phones out of jail has so far been useless because the prisoners always appear to be one move ahead. That's why Moriarty recommends another solution.
"If you may make the mobile phones of no value inside - that is the perfect key,” he commented.  “Cell phone jammer is the best solution."

Using wireless jammers

Opponents of wireless jammers, that includes most mobile telephone service supplyers, debate what if there was a true necessity for a 911 phone call, or what if the cell phone jammer disables the signals of neighbors' mobile phones.
The mobile phone service industry has in addition raised the problem about this being a smooth slope for other communication blocking.
Whitmire reported, "I think they are scared that you do it in infirmaries, in schools, perhaps parents would block their childern mobile phones after 10 o'clock.  You see - it's all about money, but I think about social security and that is the highest precedence."
A federal charge has been filed this session to permit GPS jammers in jails.

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