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Cell Phone Jammer Is Ready To Help Students And Teachers

School Classrooms are equipped with jammers

Disappointed by the endless distraction of mobile telephone texting and phoning, a Spokane region school has invested money in a tool that is able to block all the phone signals within a definite range. Less than $100 were spent to purchase a mobile phone jamming device and a 3 day trial period intended to stop students who send messages during lessons was completed.

"We thought it was smth we wished to evaluate," reported Principal John Hook.

Using cell phone jammers in schools

The Mead School Area is working with the Federal Communications Commission to find out whether the tool is lawful before utilizing it again. The cell phone jammer was switched on during studying and switched off during class breaks and luncheon hour.

"We think that there are periods during the working day when parents want to talk to students and students want to talk to the members of the family, doctors or other people like that," commented Mr. Hook. But class time is not for that. School principal says that students are permitted to have mobile phones if they're switched off during class time. If the tool is unlawful, the school is intended to return it and request a refund.

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