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Cell Phone Blockers

Suppressors of cellular communication, or as they are called, jammers, are one of the most effective measure to ensure the safety of your office. The rapid development of technological progress has led to a drastic cheapening the cost of mobile phones, allowing almost everyone to have a cell phone.

Modern man without him as with no hands. Mobile phone is not just as a means of communication. Small, compact mobile phone for all occasions - a PDA, radio, camera, and many other variety of functions in one small "magic" box. A real toy for adults and children. Agree, mobile phone becomes an essential element in modern life. However, with the advent of cell phone and any problems associated with it. Imagine that you are sitting and listening to classical music in the concert hall and at the time when you are trying to enjoy playing music, then here and there rang out mobile phones. Accept this dubious pleasure. Here's another example, in your office is closed meeting, which addressed important issues in the work of your organization. And suddenly, when passions are running high to the limit, someone from the staff loudly ringing cell phone. But it is so bad. The main problem is that cell phone can be used as listening devices and all information from the meeting can be transmitted through the channel of GSM mobile phone rival firm. What could she do in this situation? Very simple. P ECISION your problem - it is suppression of cellular communication, capable of suppressing cell phones. With these devices can talk really quietly, without being distracted by irrelevant calls and not fear that you are listening. The first people began to use the jammers were Arabs. The former King Hussein of Jordan ordered the Americans apparatus overwhelming phone calls in the chambers of the palace. Recently jammers installed even in Buckingham Palace. According to statistics, the majority of Europeans support the imposition of restrictions on mobile communications in some public places. Governments of France, Australia and Japan adopted a law authorizing a mass cultural institutions to establish "jammers". At the same drastic measures went Qatari Ministry of Islamic Affairs and has decided to import the 1000 devices to jam mobile phones in the mosques.

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