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Celebrities need cell phone jammer as well

The cell phone of Paris Hilton was attacked by a computer hacker. All the private information is placed on the internet. This makes folks suspect the safety of the bluetooth cell phone. The mobile phone signal jammers play their role.

Personal information

Except for the name list, the hacker did not give up other information saved in the telephone. The telephone numbers of the bar, restaurant and airline office favored by Paris Hilton are placed on the internet. And the personal photographies are  displayed as well. It makes the richest lady on the planet extremely embarrassed.

Except for the call feature, the cell phone utilized by Paris Hilton in addition supports the wi-fi internet, document download, the wi-fi receiving and sending of emails and the image-browsing. The wi-fi technology utilized by hacker only needs a usual notepad. With a special aerial, the coverage may achieve one kilometer. The computer hacker is able to make use of the PC with bluetooth to find the other bluetooth tools in the coverage range.

Cell phone jammers

A lot of people will think it is due to the poor signal when the cell phone cannot get through. But in NY, a lot of people will come up with a concept that someone is breaking in with the signal. The cell phone jamming device becomes extremely popular. The trading and the utilizing turn to become widespread. Some people even put the cell phone jammer in the handbag or the pocket. The people who cannot tolerate the cell phone ring would like to carry it.

Jamming device usage

The cell phone jamming device sends the same radio frequency wireless signal to neutralize the electromagnetic signal. The communication between the cell phone and base station was disabled. There are the cell phone jammers look like cell phones while some of them are in the form of briefcase.

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