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Case Study: Android Devices Possible Security Breach


Taiwanese cell phone producer HTC said today it is examining assert that its devices may leak all sorts of data to Android apps which are granted at least modest access rights.

Android safety policies

Android Police web site says that whichever app with elementary Internet access permission may in addition receive allowance to all other stuff like user’s GPS location, phone calls, system records and other data.

"HTC takes our clients’ safety extremely seriously, so we are working on researching this assert the sooner the better,” the company representative said to AllThingsDigital. "We will furnish an update when we’re capable of defining the accuracy of this claim and what actions, if whichever, are necessary to be taken."

In accordance with Android Police, the problem affects devices which are running HTC Sense overlay, which may be Thunderbolt, EVO 4G, EVO 3D, MyTouch 4G Slide and perhaps other devices.

Mobile secutiry

Lookout Mobile Security, which is totally specialized in Android-related safety software, said: "it would seem that few HTC mobile phones comprise a recording mechanism that displays private user information to the app that asks for only permission to connect the Internet."

"HTC knows about this problem but has not proclaimed how or at least when they start intending to address it," Lookout told AllThingsDigital. "While hardware and software developers struggle to design resilient products, vulnerabilities may still be there. This is another prompt that our cell phones are in some way PCs too, and as we create apps, build various embedded software or make modifications to the operating system – everybody in the whole mobile ecosystem have to take the appropriate preventions to confirm data accessed on those devices is utilized and accumulated securely.

Android jammers

As you can see, HTC is not in a hurry to deal with this problem, but who will be the victim in the end? Yep, you are and we are! While they are trying to “do something”, you may think about doing something too. To prevent inappropriate data leakage you can use Android devices jammer, which will prevent any GPS or GSM signal from being shared with some persons unknown to you.

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