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Car Hijackers May Use Your GPS Navigator To Break Into Your House

House Robber

We have already discussed a lot of things on how to protect your car from evildoers and car thieves. But it is a quite hot topic. Did you know that FBI reported that there were nearly 700 000 cars stolen in 2011 year, their total cost compiles up to 4.5 billion dollars. Lost property that was inside the car is also included. But those car hijackers adapted GPS technology to steal even more. I’ll try to explain how it is possible.

GPS devices in cars

There are millions of GPS devices in our modern cars. They include navigators and various security anti-theft devices with GPS tracking. Those devices often keep tracks of your movements in their internal memory and those thieves have a perfect possibility to find your house too. If you are using a GPS navigator it becomes even easier.

It is really hard to say how much homes of those navigators owners were broken, but the statistics only tells us that in 2011 every fifth house in USA was robbed. Eventually it happened because thieves knew where to go.  In a matter of fact many of us keep keys from backdoors at car locker, so they will not be lost anywhere. In that case car hijackers will have the keys too. In a matter of fact a garage door remote control also lies somewhere in the open, so evildoers are free to enter.

GPS Navigator

Remote doors

You should also know a couple of facts about remotely controlled doors, if you use those. They can be hacked with a simple code grabbing device that we have discussed sometime earlier. Those devices can intercept the signals, sent by your remote control and crack it. After it thieves will have the code, transmitting which to your door will make it open.

Some safety tips

There are some tips on how to make your house safer. The first one is to keep remote controls, keys and the papers like insurance or registration papers. Those documents can provide the information about your address to a thief. The second one – never program your home address or the addresses of your friends to a GPS navigator. It is the easiest way for a thief to find its target and he will make sure to check the navigator first.

You should also always park your car at well-lit places, it will be much better if you will park your car at an attendant parking.  And the most obvious precaution, but though lots of people forget to do it, just lock your car.

Installing some kind of a modern car alarm will be a real mistake, because it can be opened with a code grabber, you should better use a mechanical blocks. They can block your transmission and a steering wheel, so car hijackers will have to crack another couple of locks. Those recommendations will surely enhance your car’s chances not to be stolen.

Safe House

GPS jammers

Another tip will be on how to protect your house, even if your car with your GPS navigator is stolen. To prevent your device from tracking you whereabouts, you may try to turn it off, when you are coming home. Most of the drivers know their way home without any GPS technologies. Otherwise you may try various kinds of GPS jammers. They will make sure that your home location will remain in secret even if somebody will break in you navigators memory.

Watch your car and your property, because thieves use GPS technology too!

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