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Can Walkera QR Ladybird quadrocopter be use to spy on me?

Hello, I need your advice on that Ladybird quadrocopter. My roommate bought it recently and I'm afraid that he may use that to spy on me. So I need to know is it possible and if it is yes — what can I do to protect myself? And please note that I don't want the copter to be broken, because he likes it very much and spend lots of time for various augmentations to it. Many thanks in advance!

Hello, Kelly!

We frequently face situations when robots or toys are used for spying, peeping or gathering information and we have the solution. First of all we have to say that QR Ladybird can be used for spying thanks to a camera, attached underneath that copter itself. It is also able to stream video to a remote control or to a PC, where it is recorded. That remotely controlled drone also has a huge radius and is pretty stable, so it may be used even for indoor spying.

The only thing that has to be solved is the noise that it makes, while flying. But if your roommate is good at electronics, he would be probably able to do that.Regularly, we'd recommend you to use a remote control jamming device to block the controls of the copter, but as you probably see that will cause the loose of control and may severely damage the quadrocopter. So in that case it would be much better to block the video streaming of that Ladybird. 

We've found out that it uses 2.4 GHz frequency signals to stream data and by blocking that frequency – you will leave the copter blind. So even if it will fly around you, it won't be able to actually see anything. You can use our special spy camera jammer for that, because it is perfect at jamming 2.4 GHz frequency. Please note that when you'll turn that signal blocker on – Wi-Fi networks will be disabled too, so use it wisely!

Thanks for your question, I hope I've managed to help.

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