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Can data be stolen by NexStar WiFi?

Hello! Now I plan to order a NexStar WiFi docking station for the regular operation of the hard drive. I would like to understand if they can somehow remotely access my data. Can I somehow avoid the hack? I would like to know the answer.

Hey Med!

Modern data stores that support Wi-Fi have many valuable properties. Of course, NexStar WiFi is a good and contemporary docking station that is functional. You can connect almost any external hard drive to it. At the same time, everyone within an accessible radius will access the stored information when connected to the network. This means you can access data from various devices - phones, computers, and tablets. You can also manage data using intelligent TVs and other devices.

The safety of such devices is questionable. Jammer Store experts do not recommend buying such equipment for storing important personal data. This can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Often, such equipment uses particular radio frequencies to transmit data between different station elements when connected. The wireless standard of the docking station is considered one of the most common. Signals, in this case, propagate within a given radius and are easy to intercept within these limits.

It is essential to understand that such a network is very insecure. Modern encryption protocols can be easily broken using various means. That is why attackers may try to take your data. That is why you may need a WiFi jammer if you plan to buy such equipment. Then you can keep all the information on the disk safe. We hope we have helped you.

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