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Can somebody peep on me with my own web camera?

Hi there, guys! I need you advice, is it possible to peep on me with my own Wi-Fi web camera? The reason for my concern is in that it has a small light near its eye, which lights when the camera is active. I've spotted that sometimes it lights when I'm not using it. First I thought that it was a simple lag, and it has turned on somehow, but now I'm starting to suspect that somebody is peeping on me. Is it possible and how can I protect myself from it?

Hi there, Jess!

Wireless webcams may be dangerous, and now I'll try to explain you why. First of all you should know that Wi-Fi cameras use 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data. Basically a wireless network is created between your laptop or a PC and a webcam itself. The image captured with your camera is encrypted and sent over that radio frequency. But the problem here is that those packages can be intercepted because Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and can be hacked.

If the LED indicator of your webcam lights it may really mean that somebody has gained access to it and watches you. But we at Jammer-Store can say that it is not necessary a Wi-Fi hack. There are lots of various programs that may grant an access to your web camera, so it will be really nice to think about protection. First of all try to turn off the camera, when you don't use it.

Another solution here can be a Wi-Fi frequency blocker, which will block the 2.4 GHz frequency and shut your webcam down. That solution may fit you if somebody will get a remote access to your PC or webcam. In that case that guy will be able to turn it off and on remotely and also, he will also be able to shut the LED indication down. 

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've manged to help.

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