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Can I block Verizon Fleet Administrator hardware?

I need a jammer to block Verizon Fleet Administrator hardware. I don't know much about it. Does it use true GPS or cell phone tower tracking? Please help!

Hi Craig!

Verizon Fleet Administrator is a state-of-the-art tracking system for obtaining specific vehicle data. This system tracks the route by fully integrating with available vehicle systems through hardware ports. The device also has a software part for managing the situation.

Verizon Fleet Administrator's tracking engine uses GPS technology, while other signal types are used for support functions. For example, it can be messaging, turn-by-turn navigation, and more. You only need to block the GPS frequency to avoid tracking your vehicle's location.

To prevent tracking by this system, you should use the Verizon Fleet Administrator jammer, which can be installed in the car. Even if the electric system is not working, the jammer can work up to 8 hours entirely autonomously using the built-in battery.

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