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How to block Verizon Fleet Administrator?

I am actively looking for equipment to protect against Verizon Fleet Administrator signals. I'm not very good at these things. Does it use any tools to track the location of mobile devices? Help me, please!

Hello Craig!

Verizon Fleet Administrator is a state-of-the-art equipment actively used to track users' data down to location. This system works in such a way as to follow the route of the driver. It can be integrated with other devices through external connection interfaces. Also, the device can be used to control the performance of various equipment.

This device uses the GPS interface to operate. However, other signals can be used as additional support. For example, you can use location notifications in advance, get directions, or do something else. You can easily block the GPS signal to stop such tracking.

To do this, you can order a special signal jammer, Verizon Fleet Administrator. This equipment is suitable for different vehicles. Such a blocker can work offline without being connected to the network. We hope we helped you a little!

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