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Blocking mobile communications within one cell hack

Hello, can you tell me is it real that guys Berlin's Technological University were able to block all mobile communications within one cell in a GSM network with an old GSM phone? As far as I've understood, they have updated that phone's firmware somehow, to block mobile calls. Is it possible and may work, or that's just a fake? Many thanks in advance!

We at Jammer-Store have heard about that research too. And we may tell you that it is probably real, mobile communications may be blocked with a simple phone, by updating its baseband processor's firmware. There are lots of problems with GSM protocol because it is rather old and has poor encryption. Keep in mind that GSM protocol is vulnerableand it may be dangerous. Now, a couple of words on how that hack actually works.

What happens when you receive a call, or SMS? Your base station receives it first and then it looks for a device, which has to receive it. It simply sends queries to all of the connected phones and they have to answer. When a station gets a positive answer it redirects the call or SMS. But using smartphone vulnerabilities, we can block that process, by simply answering “yes” to all the queries, sent by a base station.

That's how a simple GSM cell phone may start working as a high-power mobile phone jammer. There are no updates on is it possible to use that hack to intercept phone calls and messages, but technically it is possible. Those researchers also calculated that to create a powerful DDoS attack in German, they will need only 11 “updated” cell phones, that will be enough to block communications in the whole country.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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