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Is it possible to block only one mobile cell?

Hello, is it true that the guys from the Technical University of Berlin could block all available communication within the boundaries of one cell? I understand that they used a jammer to block calls completely. Is this possible? Or is it just an experiment? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Our Jammer Store was the first to hear about this study. With a regular smartphone, you can, of course, block the connection, but for this, you will have to use special software. As a rule, such programs have a low level of protection, which can compromise the safety of your data. Such a system works as follows. First, the signal is sent to the base station. After that, the recipient is searched. The message or call is then routed to the target device. Vulnerabilities can be used to block this process according to your needs. You can easily block signals from a variety of instruments.

You can use your phone as a jammer. With it, you can block all devices within an accessible radius. I hope we helped you at least a little to understand this issue's intricacies.

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