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Blocking mobile communications within one cell hack

Hello, can you tell me is it real that guys Berlin's Technological University were able to block all mobile communications within one cell in a GSM network with an old GSM phone? As far as I've understood, they have updated that phone's firmware somehow, to block mobile calls. Is it possible and may work, or that's just a fake? Many thanks in advance!

In Jammer Store, we have already heard about this study. We can say it is possible to block mobile communications with a regular smartphone if you use a particular baseband processor program. Many programs work with the GSM protocol, which is characterized by low security and security. Please note that the GSM protocol is not safe so it can bring a lot of trouble. Let's see how this system works.

When you receive a signal from a call or SMS, the base station receives it first. After that, a receiving device is searched for. Requests are sent to the connected phones. The call goes to the answering device if the station gets a positive answer. Using the vulnerabilities of your phone, you can block this entire process by sending positive signals from all devices.

An ordinary GSM cell phone can be a powerful cell phone jammer. There is a technical possibility for this. You can also make DDoS attacks with just 11 of these smartphones, which is enough to block the signals of all phones.

We hope that we have answered your questions.

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