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Big Brother And You: Good And Bad GPS Tracking

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Orwell's book 1984 turned on alerts about all authorities always watching, yet his fictional piece of work is crawling ever closer to real world. As more cases with GPS tracking involved come into the spotlight, inhabitants are starting to understand what is at risk. Even the Supreme Court of the country appears to be doubtful about what to decide with the liability of a special warrant before starting to track the suspected person.

Justice Is What We Need

The case that lies before the Supreme Court is to decide whether police ought to be ordered to get a warrant before starting to track anyone. It might be enticing to say confident no since our police serves the greater good for all people, but where does legal investigation end and spying begin? Most people think about navigational advantages when it comes to Global Positioning System, but GPS units utilized by the police officers are more like two-way communication gadgets. Those GPS trackers co-operate with cell phone networks to keep the permanent watch on the target's vehicle. It appears to be in the class of wiretapping, which definitely requires a warrant, but not the simple stakeout.

Supreme Court of United States of America

For You And Against You

Authorities are not the only ones watching us. Electronic gadgets of many kinds have the capability of tracking the location, browsing history and apps activity of the person in question. Manufacturers of those gadgets not only keep records of those data, they sell recorded info to huge corporations in order to develop their business. Companies like Google, Facebook, SmartPhone and Verizon all sell data they collect from their clients to external companies seeking for new source of customers. Even the sinless gathering of traffic information by the GPS navigation company for the sake of aiding its clients may be utilized by police to install speed traps. Medical and financial data may be published, kids may be tracked, and job may be terminated on the basis of incorrect data.

GPS tracking device on the trunk

In such country where privacy rights are everything, why do American people allow such severe scrutiny of their motions, purchases, and personal searches? Is it those free apps, open access to data, and navigational devices which are easy to use? How much are we going to let Big Brother get from us? If you think that it has enough already, you might want to stop Big Brother from watching you in any way because you have the right of privacy and no one can take it away!

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