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Berkeley Varitronics Systems: Whole Spectrum Of Cell Phone Tracking


This company features many different devices which are designed to monitor cell phone activity in the defined radius and detect them, tracking their presence and location. In order to understand how they can track your cell phone you can make a closer look at the each device Berkeley Varitronics Systems offer.

Wolfhound-PRO has advanced receiver and multiband direction finding system for the really precise cell phone locating. This device works as cell phone detector, GPS tracker and wireless phone tracker that uses US DECT 6.0 system. No matter if you are trained or have no training at all, simple trackball operation and bright OLED screen would let you use this tracking device with ease.

Wolfhound PRO

Watchhound is another electronic device of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. It is mounted on the wall and used to monitor the surrounding area for any kind of cell phone activity. Any calls made in the area are recorded, time-stamped and may be used later in the analysis. It is also worth to mention that this device can be easily camouflaged to look like the ordinary thermostat on the wall and work secretly.


Wolfhound is the simpler tracking device that may be used for portable detection of cell phone activity, cell phone location and their position tracking. This device can use voice, text and even data transfer of your cell phone to detect and to track it. It also has direction finding antenna for better cell phone tracking. It comes with 2 various models: one is for US frequencies while other is for Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Wolfhound-Lite is the last device in this series. It looks like a simple pager, has a pocket size and works completely hands-free. It is used to detect cell phone activity nearby and notify its user about it. It has 9V battery which can be removed and recharged, nice OLED screen and carrying case for it.

Wolfhound Lite

As you can see, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has a lot of devices to offer their potential customer who might be the one who would track your cell phone and detect your location. Their devices are using GSM and sometimes GPS frequency bands for their work, thus you need to use GSM/GPS jammers in order to make sure that Berkeley Varitronics Systems devices would not harm you.

What do you think about this company? Are you impressed with their devices or you would like to protect yourself from them? Tell us what you have on your mind in the comments!

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