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Cell Phone Jamming Basics

Before buying any type of new technology it would be great to read information about it. In that way you will have the chance to learn important things about it. You should also know that there are lots of different ways thanks to which you can gather the needed information and number one among those methods, as you probably guessed, is internet.

If you have already decided that you need to find a good solution to all of your problems with people talking on public then you definitely need to get a cell phone jammer. If you are wondering how can a small device like this jam the signal of the cell phones then you should definitely know this. Every cell phone can be considered as a duplex device. This means that it transmits two frequencies. The one is used for speaking while the other – for listening. Because of this reason it is also pretty important to know that when you are about to buy a jammer you should look pretty carefully on its characteristics. In that way you can be sure that it will do the work for you. You should also know the frequencies that cell phones and mobile networks of your country are using.

Anyway once you switch the power of your device on you will see that it will start transmitting white noise at the same frequencies and in that way you will block the signal of the cell phones around you. Some of the jamming devices will block only one of those 2 frequencies but the good news here is that this will still do the work. The phone will think that there is no reception and because of this reason you will not be able to talk. The jammers can broadcast lots of different frequencies and if you are willing to spend more money on such device you should know that you will definitely get something really nice. Plus those devices are pretty effective against TDMA, GSM, AMPS, CDMA and other mobile standards so if you need to block some of them as well, it will be good to have this in mind.

The type of cell phone jammer you should be looking for depends on your needs. If you are annoyed with the people at the cinema or at restaurants who are speaking on their phones then you should be looking for portable jamming devices. The good news here is that the manufacturers started to design more of such products and with the development of this technology you can be sure that even handheld signal blockers will be able to jam the needed and above mentioned frequencies. As for the prices of those devices – you can be sure that even if you are on tight budget there will be a way to find the thing you have been looking for. I’ve seen jammers for $180 so it all comes to your needs and expectations. Just make sure that its frequencies match the frequencies of the mobile network and cell phones in your country.

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