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Bangalore Will Use Cell Phone Jammers For Authorities

Karnataka Parliament Bangalore

The mobile phones of deputies cannot work during elections or meetings. The officers gave a particular order to replace the old jamming devices, GSM and 3G, with more modern models.

Modern jammers can work with different ranges. That is why the choice was made to replace, as announced by the government.

This issue was raised due to some MPs being caught watching inappropriate content. It is necessary to use jammers during important meetings to improve work efficiency.

Karnataka Legislative Assembly Bangalore

The official figures indicate that two officers have already taken all measures to block the work of mobile phones during important meetings. The number of blockers has been increased to the required number.

At the moment, optimal devices are being selected to perform these tasks. Jammer Store takes an active part in this process.

These devices are characterized by high safety, reliability, and high-quality signal jamming.

Karnataka Legislative Council Bangalore

The legislative apparatus in the country should work as safely as possible. If you abuse mobile communications, then many problems can arise. That is why it is essential to observe many subtleties.

Do you think it is worth using jammers in parliaments? Leave comments below.

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