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AURORAGOLD: NSA’s Weapon To Penetrate Network Infrastructure

The NSA is actively working on new security standards to detect terrorists better. AURORAGOLD is a state-of-the-art tracking software found on almost all modern mobile networks.

This project is based on modern phone technology. It has some vulnerabilities that allow you to capture traffic. According to the available data, the NSA can actively intercept the correspondence data exchanged by all users worldwide. Emails, calls - all this can be tracked.

 The interception of electronic soil makes it possible to obtain information about the network's vulnerabilities. After that, you can already open a loophole for a full-fledged hack. The reason for the concern of most of the companies is that the privacy of users is violated.

The NSA calls a particular document with all the essential information on the web. This document describes connection protocols and other data. All technical details related to encryption and data exchange are described. This forces the encryption to be broken to gain access to all information.

Not only simple companies but even large giants suffer from the NSA. US agencies actively promote the activities of the NSA, providing a link between major global companies. That is why it is essential to consider the strategy for dealing with the NSA properly.

Also, a large company, NIST, suffers from AURORAGOLD technology, trying to ensure its security constantly. NIST uses significant assets to protect mobile communications.

The issue of data security and privacy occupies an essential place in networks around the world. AURORAGOLD can be a private nuisance. That is why many companies participate in exercises to optimize their systems and protect mobile technologies.

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