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Are there any sensors or indicators for jammers?

Hello! It seems to be not a very important question, but I would still like to know if there are any jamming detectors? Can they be used somehow?

Hey Dave!

This is a very good question! Thanks for this. There are no unimportant questions or problems in this direction. You can ask your own questions if you need a solution. If you need to use any indicators, then most modern jammers are equipped with them. Typically, detectors are used to indicate the operating mode of the equipment. At the same time, there are more productive modern installations.

For example, blockers of this type are equipped with special LED indicators that show the need for charging, the current operating time, and much more. These indicators are usually located in a conspicuous place and separated by special stripes. In this way, you can immediately know if the equipment is working.

When choosing a jammer, you should pay attention to all these indicators in order to buy good equipment.

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